Construction Reminder for your Safety

Good afternoon friends, family and residents.  Just a friendly and kind reminder to all; That our new streets “Berwick Trail” and “Ganton Trail” (Phase 2 and Phase 3 of The Residents at Hunters Pointe) are currently under construction, and only authorized construction workers, Lucchetta Employees, and pre-authorized personnel can enter the construction site due to health & safety concerns.  We truly care about all of you. Your safety is of our upmost priority. Whether it’s out of excitement in wanting to see your new home, or simply walking your dog; Please know that area is under construction and is considered a danger area for all. 

If you absolutely require admittance, please contact to schedule an appointment where personal safety equipment will be provided, a Lucchetta representative will be present, and a safety waiver will be signed. Appointments will be permitted based on the company’s availability. Thank you kindly for your understanding and efforts in this matter. Have a wonderful day.

Your Lucchetta Homes Team.