Niagara FunFest raises over $17,000

Fundraising chair Paul Snack, left, and Rotary Summerfest lead Frank Adamson. DON RICKERSPaul Snack, Sales Associate for our LUSSO new community development has been busy in his spare time. As a member of the Fonthill Rotary Club and co-chair of the fundraising committee, has been working tirelessly to raise funds for the rebuild of the iconic Fonthill arches in time for the 2022 Niagara Summer Games.

Paul chairs the fundraising committee for the local Rotarians, which is responsible for an array of fundraising ventures, including the Family FunFest which took place on Saturday June 18th at Bissell’s Hideaway, and drew a crowd of some 1500, a significant increase over the previous year. This event alone raised over $17,000 for charity and not-for-profits here in Niagara. 

“We partnered this year with students at E. L. Crossley to promote the Family FunFest event,” said Snack. “One of our strategies at Rotary is to work with youth, so we joined forces with a class at Crossley, where they were required to work on a real-world business project. We’ve been meeting with them every week over the last number of months. One of our Rotarians, Janet Cripps, is a teacher at Crossley, and has been our lead on the school’s end. It’s turned out to be a lot of fun, getting the kids engaged. They’ve been great salespeople, giving sales presentations and raising awareness at local elementary schools.”

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