Winter Maintenance Checklist

Thank you to our friends at Premium Home Services Inc. for providing us with these helpful tips for your homes’ winter maintenance:

– Checking, changing or cleaning air (furnance/ERV) filters is always a good idea at the change of seasons. This will extend furnace life, reduce energy bills and improve indoor air quality while helping your HVAC system run more efficiently.

– Maintenance isn’t really needed in a home for a bit, but after a year or so, opting to schedule regular cleaning or maintenance of equipment by a professional is recommended.

– If you have a thermostat that runs on batteries, make sure to check levels or change them out for new.

– Gas fireplaces are often in use at this time of year. Speaking with your fireplace supplier and their techs may assist with some helpful tips or tricks on maintenance. Even cleaning the glass face of dirt and debris keeps items looks fresh and clean.

Beyond the HVAC system items above, items like draining hose bibs, testing fire alarms and reversing your fan rotation are all great ideas for helping to maintain your home.