Energy Star

Why you need an Energy Star Certified Home

All Lucchetta Homes are built to Energy Star standards

Peace of mind: independent inspections and testing from certified professionals

Enduring Quality: Value-adding energy efficiency features and a combination of materials and equipment deliver better performance and an overall superior level of quality.

Wall-to-Wall Comfort: Your heating and cooling system has been engineered and installed to efficiently deliver comfort. Enjoy more consistent temperatures in your home.

Proven Value: Better energy efficiency and performance means lower utility and maintenance costs. Homes earning he ENERGY STAR label use 15-30 percent less energy than typical new homes, and even more when compared to most resale homes on the market today.

Reduced leaks and drafts: Comprehensive air sealing, quality-installed insulation, and high performance windows and doors minimize warm and cold spots.

More consistent temperatures: A high efficiency heating and cooling system, designed and installed for optimal performance ensures better comfort in every room, year-round.

Better durability: A comprehensive water management system including flashing, moisture barriers, and heavy-duty membranes, protects roofs, walls, and foundations from moisture damage.

Improved indoor air: A fresh-air system provides a controlled amount of outdoor air. Combined with a high-performance filter, this improves indoor air quality and reduces dust, pollen, and other allergens.

A Greener Home: Each Energy Star certified home reduces greenhouse gasses by 3,700 lbs per year compared to a typical home, which is equivalent to the GHG emissions absorbed by planting 43 trees.

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