Over 50 Years of Innovation & Experience

Legendary Luxury

Robert & Ed Lucchetta are second generation Principals of Lucchetta Homes proudly carrying on the tradition of delivering top-quality construction, design, value and exceptional customer service that their Father, Ugo Lucchetta had begun in the 1960’s.  This is also reflected in continually receiving Tarion Warranty Corporation’s  highest rating for customer service. As a prominent new home builder, Lucchetta Homes celebrates more than 50 years of experience in new home construction and land development with thousands of new homes built in Southern Ontario.

Commitment to Excellence

Lucchetta Homes strives to ensure a rewarding, stress-free home-buying experience.  Personal attention, exceptional trades and dedicated service are values people typically expect from a longstanding family-run business.  With more than 50 years of experience and a rock-solid reputation, this award-winning builder puts you at ease with quality construction, pride in craftsmanship and unparalleled customer service. From our sales team to our designers to our interior decorators and trades, Our family at Lucchetta homes works hard to make your home special. Our team will work with you through every step of the build including one on one time with our award winning interior design team.

Innovation & Technology

Lucchetta homes is a leader in building science. All homes built test well above the building code for air tightness and comfort. At the forefront of technology, We are previous winners of R2000 home of the year.  Lucchetta Homes embodies the spirit of innovation and have endeavored on the next generation of homebuilding science by becoming a certified net zero ready (NZEr) home builder. Lucchetta homes built the first net zero ready (NZEr) home in the CHBA net zero ready pilot program in Canada.  A net zero ready home is the hallmark of technology with superior air quality, a quiet interior and very low energy consumption.  These homes will actually have a net zero energy usage with the addition of solar panels! You can have tomorrow’s technology today in your Lucchetta home!

Lucchetta homes will build your home to suite your style.  Our design team continuously updates our product selections for the latest in styles and trends. Our team will work with you through every step of the build including one on one time with our award winning interior design team. Our product selections include the latest of trends to time honored finishes.

Our Passion

Lucchetta Homes is indeed relentless in its pursuit of “Legendary Luxury”, a standard it insists upon for each and every home.  Lucchetta Homes is dedicated to building communities of excellence and their passion is immediately evident in each beautifully designed home with exceptional quality features.