Net Zero Homes

Building Homes that are cleaner, quieter, healthier,
more comfortable & durable.

Builder of the Year

Lucchetta Homes is a leader in building science. All homes built, test well above the standard building code for air tightness and comfort. At the forefront of technology, Lucchetta Homes is a past recipient of the R-2000 Home of the Year Award by EnerQuality and most recently awarded EnerQuality’s ENERGY STAR® for New Homes Builder of the Year, 2018. Continually embodying the spirit of innovation, we have proven to be an industry leader by becoming a certified Net Zero Ready qualified home builder and building the first net zero ready home in the CHBA’s pilot program.

Net Zero Home A Net Zero Ready Home will produce as much clean energy as it produces with the addition of renewable energy systems such as solar or wind to produce the remaining energy required. The Lucchetta homes NET ZERO READY homes are quality built homes that are modelled to use 60 to 80% less total energy than a typical Ontario Building code home.

By building a new Net Zero Ready Home, all parts of your home work together to give you draft free, consistent temperatures throughout your home, lower utility bills, and a healthier indoor environment. It all adds up to a better living experience!

Tomorrow’s technology is available today in your new Lucchetta home!

Superior Value

  • Lower monthly energy costs! Super tight and super efficient Lucchetta Net Zero Blanket is 80% more energy efficient than a standard OBC code built home blanket.
  • Built to a higher standard for better performance which include super insulated walls and ceilings, warmer windows and super efficient mechanicals.
  • A Net Zero Ready Home will protect you from future energy increases as our energy costs continue to rise! In the years to come that could be a very big savings!
  • Lucchetta Net Zero Homes are a great investment with its better performance and quality. Future proofed to standards that are years away.
Like your favorite blanket, Lucchetta net zero ready homes are healthy and offer greater comfort:
  • Exceptional comfort all year round with consistent temperatures on the upper or lower levels of your home - no cold spots or hot spots!
  • Automated ventilation brings fresh air into your home at just the right amount.
  • Comprehensive package to minimize dangerous pollutants through materials selections, better filtration and ventilation. UV filtration also available.
  • Outside noise such as traffic, lawnmowers or barking dogs are virtually silenced.


  • Do your part against climate change and preserve our natural resources for future generations by building a Net Zero Ready Home.
  • We equip our homes with water saving fixtures.
  • A Net Zero Ready Home will reduce your environmental footprint.
  • With the addition of renewables, a net zero ready home will produce as much energy as it produces. This is clean and renewable energy!

Advanced Construction Practices

  • All homes are independently tested and engineered with independent consultants.
  • Feature Lucchetta Net Zero Blanket System which incorporates the Owens Corning Air Barrier System and Dashwood triple pane windows.
  • Super Insulated basement floors and walls.
  • Smart framing principles for better efficiency.
  • Right sized heat pump and ductwork for higher efficiency.
  • Ready for renewable energy system when the time is right.
  • Stronger 10” foundation wall to allow for thicker insulated walls.
  • ERV ventilation.
  • Dashwood triple pane windows with double low E coatings.
  • High efficiency condensing tankless water heater.
  • UV light filtration is available also.